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Truck and Towing Insurance

Trucking is a very competitive industry and everyone is looking for the lowest price whether it is the cost to move Freight or Insurance.

The problem comes when there is a claim you thought you had coverage for, but your claim was denied. Just because you have an insurance policy doesn’t mean you have the coverage you need or want. Your insurance policy is a legal and binding contract on your company as well as on the Insurance Company.  If your contract says you have coverage, great, if it says that you must be within 200 miles of your office at the time of an accident and your driver and vehicle are 250 miles from home, there will be no coverage.

This is a BIG DEAL. Call us and let one of our experts analyze your Trucking Policies by reading them and providing you with a clear understanding of the coverage you currently have.

Coverages that should be considered by a Trucking or Transportation Company

  • Liability for Vehicles you are responsible for, that are on the road
  • Comprehensive & Collision for your trucks / trailers if they are damages
  • Cargo Coverage you are responsible for what you are transporting
  • General Liability for your location or Hub
  • Property coverage i.e. Building / Business Personal Property.
  • Non-Trucking / Bobtail Coverage

At Ready Insurance we take the time to understand your business, by understanding your business we can make sure that you have the proper coverages.  We have tools we make available to Employers to keep them up-to-date regarding compliance with DOT and HR.

Ready Insurance is your home for Coverage, Compliance and pricing.

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